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Geo Fencing: Exploring the Power of Mobile Marketing

Geo Fencing:  Innovative and Game Changing One of the truly innovative and game changing attributes of mobile smart phones is the ability to actively target consumers on the go in strategic locations to influence behavior, specific purchase decisions and generate … Continue reading

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Data Mining and the Election of 2012

Data Mining and the Election of 2012 Taking a page out of Google, political advisors are now using data mining and sophisticated algorithms to achieve targeted results this election cycle.  To wit, a recent article in USA Today entitled “Romney … Continue reading

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Mobile Payments: The Battle to Control Money and Data

Mobile Payments:  The Battle To Control Money and Data The battle over mobile payment solutions like GoPago, Square, Isis, Sail and Google Wallet is shaping up to be a much more defining event than competing formats, revenue models and investors. … Continue reading

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Location Data: The New Frontier

Location Data:  Opportunity or Challenge With the growing availability of location based GPS data from smartphones, the quest to gain a more granular and context aware understanding of consumer behavior has gotten more fascinating but at the same time much … Continue reading

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Data Collection: Essential for Success

Data Collection:  Essential for Business Companies are gradually waking up to the fact that in the age of digital technology, social media and smart phones, the ability to collect and effectively analyze data about customers and their friends is becoming … Continue reading

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